• Why is this issue important?

As we enter the 21st century, U.S.-China relations will set the pace for both global politics and economics. Often overlooked, Taiwan is the most contentious issue hindering the further development of the relationship between these superpowers. Sixty years into an unresolved conflict, the Taiwan Strait issue is now one of the most entrenched, emotional flashpoints that can trigger to a significant confrontation between US and China. Efforts must be put forth now to mitigate this tension, and to provide the space for people to live peacefully in both communities across the Strait.

  • What is Strait Talk’s political position?

    Strait Talk takes no stance on the political status of Taiwan. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for free and open dialogue among youth on this issue. Each year a broad spectrum of viewpoints are represented in both our speaker panels and within each delegation.

  • Who funds the Strait Talk Symposium?

    Strait Talk is largely supported by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University and various academic departments at U.C. Berkeley. Given the political sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, we avoid funding that may be politically motivated to preserve an impartial program.
  • Can Strait Talk really make an impact?
Yes! We believe that the long-term prospects for peace can only be sustained through informed problem-solving and strategic community building on a systemic scale. This is why we reach out to our peers to lay a foundation for future cooperation.
  • How much does Strait Talk cost?

    The actual program events throughout the week are free. Delegates traveling from Asia will receive a subsidy for transportation costs. Certain meals during the week will also be included throughout the week.
    How can I get involved? 
We are always looking for support and collaboration in different areas and different locations! Please contact us for more information.

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