What is ICR?

The dialogue program at each Strait Talk Symposium centers around the Interactive Conflict Resolution (ICR) method. Innovated by scholar-practitioner John Burton in the 1960s, ICR is a method of facilitating dialogue between people engaged in apparently intractable conflicts. The basic goals of ICR are to create personal trust across conflict lines and to develop creative and workable ideas to help spur official dialogue in the future. It is often utilized to bring together influential civil society leaders, in situations where formal dialogue is deadlocked or non-existent. Unlike a negotiation or debate, ICR encourages mutual recognition and consensus building, seeking a framework in which participants can acknowledge each other’s identities, grievances, and aspirations. In the past, ICR has been applied successfully in real-world conflicts around the world, including Israel and Palestine, Northern Ireland, Indonesia, Cyprus, and the former Soviet states.

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