“Strait Talk is a brilliant and creative idea, all the more remarkable because it is the creation of undergraduates. This project has the potential to build important bridges across a historically tense divide, and it comes at a very auspicious time.”

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke

“The Strait Talk Symposium was one of the highest quality and most productive efforts at promoting cross-strait dialogue that I have ever attended. The quality of the participants was excellent and the Brown students need to be congratulated for, to use a Chinese term, their exceptional chutzpah at pulling this off with limited resources. The format of intensive conflict resolution workshops plus public presentations is unique and all of the participants were enthusiastic and committed to ensuring that the week was a success. These may seem like small steps but they are essential and very deserving of continued suport.”

Thomas B. Gold
, Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley

“Before I came here, I thought it was impossible to talk to anyone from China,” joked one Taiwanese delegate. “It’s changed now.”
“In a mere week we reached a final consensus, a common vision of a Cross-strait peace. We simply want peace,” said [a] U.S. delegate and fourth year student at UC Berkeley majoring in political economy. “What we realized over this past week is that we have more things in common than differences.”

from Straight Talk from Strait Talk, AsianWeek, April 22, 2009

Lin’s hope is that students, by participating in Strait Talk, will be motivated to resolve a problem over which an older generation seems to be stuck in a stalemate. That’s why, he says, “Strait Talk is ultimately about the process”—about dialogue rather than pushing narrow political agendas.

from Johnny Lin: Vanguard International Innovator, Newsweek Current Magazine, April 20, 2008

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