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Peace Projects

Strait Talk is a non-partisan organization that seeks to foster peace across the Taiwan Strait. Every fall, the Brown University chapter invites a total of fifteen undergraduates, graduates, and young professionals from Taiwan, Mainland China, and around the United States to serve as delegates in a week-long Symposium at Brown University. Throughout the week, the delegates engage in interactive conflict resolution sessions and attend lectures and seminars to inform their discussions. The Symposium culminates with the drafting of a Consensus Document, which represents the unanimous cooperation of these delegates and contains recommendations range from economic and security policies to cultural programs .

2014 Symposium Information:

Dates: November 14-21
Locations: Providence, New York City


1. Collaboration through Trade and International Organizations: A Bridge Between the Strait?
Speakers: Bonnie Glaser, Rupert-Hammond Chambers, Drew Mason
Smith-Buonano 106
11/15/2014 (Saturday)
12pm – 2pm

2. The South China Sea Conflict: A Case Study for Cross-Strait Security
Speakers: Professor James Holmes, Professor Wei Liang
Smith-Buonano 106
11/15/2014 (Saturday)
4pm – 6pm

3. The Sunflower Movement from Two Angles: A Discourse on Media Perceptions Across the Strait
Speaker: Nadia Tsao
Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute
11/18/14 (Tuesday)
12pm – 2pm

Open Space Conversation:
Faunce House Kasper Multipurpose Hall
11/20/14 (Thursday)
3:30pm- 6:30pm

Final Presentation at NYU
Vanderbilt Hall 202, NYU Law School
11/21/14 (Friday)

If you have specific questions about any of the above, feel free to email us at and we would be happy to tell you more or put you in touch with the organizer of the project.

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